My EFT Training

I hold the certification ACAP-EFT, which stands for ACEP Certified Advanced Practitioner of EFT. ACEP is the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology, host of the certification program run by Tina Craig, daughter of EFT founder Gary Craig.

Anyone can learn EFT and almost immediately use it to get results for simple problems. But getting at the roots of what is holding a more significant problem in place requires greater skill, and may send a person in search of professional assistance. “Getting at the roots” as quickly as possible is a trained EFT practitioner’s job.

A skilled EFT practitioner can be expected to:

  • be sure he/she is clear about what a client’s goals are, and assess progress with these regularly
  • ask questions and look for clues in every session that will point to the “core” issue(s) or event(s) anchoring a client’s problem
  • target these as quickly as possible, using specific techniques to keep the client comfortable whenever there is high intensity
  • continually search out and focus on the various aspects of the issues being addressed, while methodically testing for and tracking progress with these and with the original issue/problem
  • persist with these several things until the energy constriction linked to current, undesired symptoms/limitations is fully cleared, or, if not, make the client aware that there is more work to be done

These skills are among the many things taught by Tina Craig in ACEP’s EFT certification program. Stating this is not a guarantee of results, but a guarantee that I do happily and confidently offer as a practitioner is that if you are ever not satisfied with a session, your session fee will be refunded.

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