EFT for Public Speaking

This is one of several areas of special interest to me as a practitioner.

Fear of public speaking shows up in endless ways. It can be triggered by something formal (leading a meeting at work), or by something that should be joyful (giving a toast at a wedding). It can even kick up (perhaps more accurately called fear of the spotlight), when no speaking is involved at all, over something as mundane as having a picture taken at a family gathering.

Some people with this kind of fear need only some practice and a good coach to improve. For others, practice and coaching make no difference whatsoever when it comes to being comfortable in the spotlight. Either way, EFT is a powerful tool that can speed the journey from dread to confidence.

[Note: For some, intense fear of public speaking is part of a larger, more complex social phobia.]

To better understand how and why the recurring fight/flight symptoms linked to public speaking get set into motion, see Persistent Fear of Public Speaking?

For answers to common questions about EFT see Frequently Asked Questions.

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