Comprehensive EFT Tutorial

Beginners regularly get impressive results with EFT, but there is much to learn about harnessing the full power within this simple, strange-seeming process.

EFT founder Gary Craig and his daughter Tina Craig have replaced Gary’s original training manual and videos with a superb online tutorial on both basic and advanced application of EFT. The tutorial is available for free on Gary Craig’s website.

Recommended Reading on the Science Behind EFT’s Effectiveness

NOTE: These are not books about EFT, specifically. Instead, their fascinating content gives an overview of the solid science behind why EFT works, and shows where it can take us in the future.

The Genie In Your Genes, by Dawson Church

Dawson Church’s outstanding book is a must-read for anyone who believes they are “stuck” with any condition or disease because “it’s in my genes.” It contains, among many other things, a broad overview of current research that is beginning to help us understand how the mind/body connection operates.

The table of contents may sound overly scientific, and there certainly is some science to digest. But Dawson Church’s writing style is highly readable and full of interesting, real-life stories and anecdotes that bring the content vividly to life.

Genie” is tremendously informative, both for those new to EFT and those who already embrace EFT and other forms of “energy work.”

The Biology of Belief, by Bruce Lipton

Bruce Lipton’s book beautifully explains, in even greater detail than “Genie,” how it is that our DNA does not, and by and large cannot, determine our state of mental, emotional or physical health. As with “Genie” there is some science to digest, but again the writing style is highly readable.

Biology of Belief” illustrates exactly how our trillions of cells continually receive messages from us that either sound the fight-or-flight alarm, or signal that we are ok. Our cells then proceed to spend their (our) precious energy in one of two ways. They either get busy preparing for conflict by shutting down the long-term-health sustaining processes that support, nurture, and repair the body, or they do the opposite.

This information paints a very clear picture of how chronic stress, which we experience as mental/emotional discomfort, links directly to physical disease. And it relates to EFT through EFT’s tremendous capacity for helping dissolve the emotional charge around stressful events, whether past, present or anticipated.


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