A recommendation from satisfied clients is the greatest affirmation I can think of. These were chosen to illustrate a range of issues, and a range of initial client confidence (or lack there of) in EFT and energy work.

Chronic health issues, anxiety, sleep
“I had worked with two other EFT practitioners and was not seeing the results I was expecting and hoping for with my complex case. When I started working with Betsy, I had been struggling with sleep and anxiety issues for the better part of 8 years. Betsy has superb EFT practitioner skills and  I found her intuition to be highly accurate, which greatly facilitated getting at and clearing some of the issues and aspects that I was not even aware of.  She is very knowledgeable about the metaphysical universe, and I found her knowledge of the latest science on the mind, body and healing to be both impressive and refreshing.

“I also had other serious underlying health issues including a dangerously low white blood cell count that had gone on for 2+ years.  Since starting my EFT sessions with Betsy, my white blood cell count has more than doubled, putting me far back into the safe zone. Another surprising benefit from the EFT has been that my body is now starting to produce hormones again that it had stopped producing due to years of high levels of stress.  I had been using hormone replacement therapy for 8 years and was told by three different doctors that once your body stops producing these hormones, it doesn’t start back up again.  Over the past 8 years the dosage of this hormone replacement Rx has had to increase several times but just recently was cut by 1/3 due to the fact that the level of that hormone in my body had doubled.

“Working with Betsy has been an extremely positive experience. She clearly loves what she does and it shows.”
David Burke

Lifelong patterns of negativity
“My gratitude for the work I have done with Betsy is immense  As a therapist and after being in therapy for many years off and on, the EFT work I have done with Betsy has had extraordinary results. A whole lifetime of periods of negativity, anxiety, helplessness and hopelessness is dissipating.

“Betsy’s generosity, ability to stay very present to the process, her depth and attention to her own intuitive ‘knowings,’  her very responsibly reviewing the content of our sessions and tracking them, her spiritual/metaphysical framework as well as her knowledge of EFT have also been extraordinary. I can’t speak highly enough of this life-transforming experience!”
MK, New Jersey

Fear of public speaking
“My experience with Betsy was wonderful.  She was prompt, caring, and focused during each of our sessions.  I have struggled with public speaking for as long as I can remember, and I was willing to try anything.  Working with someone who understood my pain and frustration put me at ease, right off the bat.

“Betsy was able to lay the groundwork with me and walk me through the process of doing EFT.  Together, we were able to uncover key things from my childhood that were affecting my confidence, things that I had no idea were still with me.  Through tapping, Betsy was able to help me erase those internal thoughts and those feelings that had woven their way through my life, stealing my confidence.

“Work meetings are so much better for me now.  I can speak with ease instead of hearing my voice shake and feeling my heart beat out of control.  I’m comfortable in my skin. When I interview people, I feel in control and like a leader should.  I’m in charge of the interview and I’m totally at ease…something I’d never experienced prior to EFT. I would highly recommend Betsy – she can really tap into finding and erasing the negative energy.”
C.B., Pennsylvania

Chronic health issues
“A few months prior to meeting Betsy, I heard about EFT for the first time but really had no idea what to expect. My husband and I felt comfortable from the start. Betsy is very professional but so caring and kind at the same time. I was struggling for many years with worsening symptoms. It honestly seemed like our life was slowly, painfully slipping away. Almost as if we were digging ourselves into a deeper and deeper hole. We noticed positive changes after just the first week. Now that it has been several months, the difference is night and day and we have our lives back again. We are so thankful for Betsy and for EFT! So thankful that God brought both of them into our lives.”
Elizabeth P., Oklahoma

Inability to move forward with career goals
“I have been working with Betsy for several months.  I immediately felt at ease working with her.  Her approach is professional yet personal and non-judgmental.  Other EFT practitioners I have worked with before never quite got the essence of what I am experiencing like Betsy has been able to do.  She has helped me greatly to do some deep healing work around issues with my family.  Also she has been wonderful helping me to dissolve blocks that are in the way of creating the business of my dreams.  I am on the right path with Betsy!”
Kathy Castrigno

Cyclical holiday depression, sleep
“After working with three different therapists, I could not understand why I still had lingering negative emotions associated with events from my past — many of which were decades old.  Each talk therapist brought me through the same regimen of talking and re-hashing issues from my past but it didn’t seem to resolve my most deep-seated negative emotions.  A family member had been working with Betsy with great success for a few months and highly recommended that I contact her. I was leery of engaging yet again with someone new and even more hesitant to try a mode of therapy as unconventional looking as EFT, but I decided to give it a try.

“After only one session, I knew that Betsy was the right person to help me finally release the negative emotions and blocks that I had been dealing with for so long.  I’ve been working with Betsy for a few months and have made more progress with her in those few months than I did with the three previous therapists combined. She’s very well-versed in the EFT process and is a true professional.  Her gentle nature makes working with her such a pleasure.  And her intuitive abilities absolutely astound me — it’s as if she knows what I’m feeling even when I’m unable to put words to it, which is extremely helpful.  I would highly recommend Betsy to anyone who needs help getting to (and clearing out) the root cause of their issues.”
Lori B., Florida

Fear of riding in lifelong rider
“Before finding EFT I had been at a loss. I had been thrown off my horse for the third time and that one landed me in the hospital. I’d had horses my entire life with a background in barrel racing and yet I couldn’t ride my horse without fear. But soon after starting EFT with Betsy I could see differences. I remember my first ride after a couple of sessions. I heard every footstep, heard the sand crunch beneath my mare’s hooves. I’d been so focused on the external, the “what if the tractor sets my horse off,” that I wasn’t even aware of the horse beneath me. Those sounds never registered with me before. I was so alive, so aware of my mare that it was almost foreign to me.

“That was just the beginning of my EFT experience. From there it just got better. I now ride with confidence again, I have the ability to respond to any situation, and use my knowledge. I can feel my horse and can now focus and not worry about the what ifs. Betsy and EFT brought joy and passion back to riding. I can’t say enough about the process. It has changed my life. EFT is truly amazing and I’ve continued to practice it ever since.”
Amy Thompson

Professional confidence issues
“A significant piece to EFT is finding the nugget to tap on. Betsy is highly skilled at helping you find that nugget. Then, she takes you through the process of tapping and narrowing the spoken phrases down to address the specific emotions. Familial traits that I have demonstrated for 44 years have been cleared in single sessions. Triggers that would cause me to perseverate and leave me unable to work at my highest level have been cleared. Most importantly, through my work with Betsy, I have been able to build relationships with people who I once avoided due to negative internal messaging. I’m not one to proselytize but I’ve found myself telling others about EFT and Betsy.”
LLN, Indiana

Does one have to “believe in EFT” for it to work? No!
Chronic pain

“EFT was suggested to me because I had been experiencing pain in my right hip and leg for several years, and in the previous six months the pain had been increasing. The condition I have was diagnosed via x-rays and MRI tests as lumbar stenosis. The pain was severe – for example, when standing at the bottom of a set of steps, lifting my right leg up to place it on the second step triggered enough pain to double me over.

“I was initially very resistant to the idea of doing EFT. I’m open-minded but I couldn’t understand or make sense of it, and fully expected that while it might help some people, I, personally, would see no benefits from ‘tapping.’ But I was on two pain meds that weren’t helping much, and I compete in dog agility and my dog had been invited to a national competition to represent his breed. I VERY, VERY much wanted to be able to participate in the national event with my dog, so I decided to try EFT.

“Betsy is a gentle, non-judgmental, supportive, person. She is not only VERY good at what she does, she made me feel completely comfortable with all of my human failings, weaknesses, insecurities, etc.   One hundred percent of the time, I felt understood, cared for, and supported.  No matter where I was emotionally, she just calmly supported me. I can’t thank her enough.

“The results of my work with Betsy doing the tapping were that I was fully able to compete with my dog at the event in question and came one agility obstacle away from being the top performing dog in his breed at that nationally recognized event. I was able to run with ease and comfort and had no lingering pain.   My friends who were there were aware of the pain I had been in and were AMAZED that I was able to RUN.

“My severe pain started in the fall of 2013 – I did the national agility event on December 13-14, 2013, and to date (June 2014), my right hip remains completely pain free.”
M. Wiseman



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